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World country and state boundaries in GeoJSON

I’ve recently started my own project and got into a need for information about countries boundaries, including states boundaries for bigger countries. After googling I’ve found either GADM information which is not allowed to use for commercial purposes or various sources with very bad quality information: missing islands (even the big ones), bad detalization. So I decided to “make” gather that info myself.

I have created a GitHub repository for this sub-project, going to fill it in couple months (I hope). All the boundaries will be polygons in GeoJSON format. They will keep looking good on scales up to 1:10000000. I publish it under Creative Commons license, so it is free to be used and modified.

If you want to contribute, I would highly appreciate that. I use GeoJson tool to create polygons. Prior to creating them, I zoom to a scale when 20km is displayed in bottom-right corner. For smaller countries I suggest to go to 10km-zoom. That will guarantee good quality of the boundaries on the declared zoom.

I’m open to questions, suggestions and thanks in the comments. :)