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About me

My name is George. I was writing a story of me as a web-developer and which technologies I’ve been working with, but just realized that it’s too boring. Enough to know that I have been working as a web developer for 6 years, my base language is PHP. I love Python more, but for me PHP just had more demand, so here I am. I also prefer to engage with bigger projects, especially backend development, and that works for me for the last 4 years.

Currently I’m employed by a small but lovely firm in North Vancouver, Canada. My company allows and encourages me to improve and develop my skills and knowledge, and it has the best working atmosphere I have ever had. This blog started largely thanks to that. That’s why I prefer smaller companies to big corporations and evaluate work relationship not less then a compensation paid.

In this blog I try to collect all not so obvious and not widely known tricks in such languages and frameworks as PHP, JS, CSS, Angular, Zend, Yii2 and others.